Revolution of the Gods: The Battle for Sol Complete Series

rotgfinalZ By 2031, the surviving inhabitants of Earth are ruled by a new world government led by the Council of Seven. Over eighty percent of the population has been swept from the face of the planet by the effects of world economic collapse, nuclear catastrophe, and the Syova Virus; all of it orchestrated purposely by an ancient force in an effort to gain control of Earth and the solar system. One man has been given the abilities to prevent this cataclysmic event. And with the help of another ancient force, he and his group will endeavor to successfully lead a Revolution of the Gods.

The Battle of Sol is a compelling amalgam of hard science fiction, religious and political conspiracy, and ancient astronaut theory derived from current and historical reality. It presents a great deal of action with the backdrop of a planetary domination effort lasting dozens of millennia and culminating in a worldwide battle that takes place in a matter days throughout the series.


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