Custom YouTube Channels

Statistics relating to YouTube are staggering in scale. According to YouTube, there are over 1 billion users who watch more than 6 billion hours and upload over 4 million hours of video each month. Exposure for your company, cause, or project can certainly be enhanced through using this platform. Whether you are considering an entire brand channel or one relatively simple promotional video, C7 Publishing can provide your solution.

Custom YouTube Channels & Videos

  • YouTube Channel set up $49
  • YouTube Channel custom graphic $69
  • YouTube Video Creation starting at $199
  • YouTube Channel management starting at $99/mo

For a detailed quote, please visit our contact page and provide as much detail as possible about your project.

Below are a few examples:

(Simple promotional short for a newly released novel)


(Here is a custom playlist created for a managed YouTube channel)

(Here is an entire branded channel managed by C7 Publishing)


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