Custom Facebook Pages

Offering your own Facebook/Twitter group or product page for your customers or fans is essential for a complete online branding presence. With over 1.32 billion active monthly Facebook users, and Twitter’s 284 million active monthly user base, your social media presence cannot exist without them. Fortunately, these two components are among the least expensive metrics in your overall online presence. Essentially, the platforms are already pre-programmed. Thus, with just a few custom graphics and ad copy, your company or cause is all set to take advantage of their huge audiences.

Custom Facebook and Twitter Pages:

  • Custom header graphic for either Facebook or Twitter $69
  • Facebook or Twitter Page set up (with stock image) $59
  • Page setup with custom header graphic $119

For a detailed quote, please visit our contact page and provide as much detail as possible about your project.

(Example of Facebook author fan page)


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